Thursday, February 25, 2010

Part Two:

I was able to spend alot of quiet, intimate moments with Vic before shows. In the hours leading up to a concert there was very little for myself to do, a situation Vic found himself in as well. In the quiet stillness of a darkened venue with only a few friends and crew members about we often had the occasion to chat. It's those moments I find myself thinking of now. Vic was a complex man. He could be incredibly self loathing at times, but I never thought of him as a negative person. He had such a sweetness about him and empathy. When you talked with him he was funny, engaging and full of wit and humor. And one of the only musicians I ever knew who seemed generally interested in what you had to say when he spoke.
Vic was a very physically fragile person, but he spirit was so strong you never looked at him as being weak. There were so many times before shows where his body was convulsing from various pains and ailments and you couldn't imagine him being able to get up on stage and play a show... but he always did.
I would always stand mesmerized by the stage watching him play that little guitar. I knew he had limited use of his hands. Greeting Vic was a always an adventure in that way, because you didn't know if you were going to get a good handshake or not. His hands were often bent like claws or twitching uncontrollably. His fingers were stiff and at times barely able to move at all. But, up on stage clutching that guitar he could manipulate the strings in very unique ways to get the sound he wanted. It was a magnificent thing to watch. I know.

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