Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let The Future Begin...

I have envisioned this for a long time- and procrastinated even longer. Here it is folks- my official blog. As I take my first giant leap into the cyberworld I want to lay down my personal doctrine here for all the world to see.
You see, I have big plans for this here blog. It's going to be an extension of me. My interests, my thoughts, my personal philosophies of living. So, stand back, and prepare for a healthy dose of the truth- and some great music you may have never heard before.
This here little blog is going to feature movie reviews, concert reviews, social commentary, interviews, and lots of links to hard or impossible to find music that you need to take a listen to. I'll post photos that I may find interesting and ones that are just plain weird. Like I said folks- this is all me.
So, welcome, one and all!
The first order of business is sleep. It is almost 6am and I have yet to bed down for the night.
I'll post more content upon my re-awakening.
There is a storm brewing here in the Northeast. Fleet Foxes "White Winter Hymnal" is stuck in my head for some reason... Goodnight, all :)

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